Welcome to the era of Youthful Aging, where you can feel and look your very best. While time and genetics are constants, it is now possible to maintain your biological age at a level younger than your chronological age. Full menus of services starting with a comprehensive assessment of your health status, weight management and complete aesthetic services are offered to make you Age-Less. So, take the first step to a younger you.


Skin Rejuvenation Therapies

Microdermabrasion - The Diamond Tome Skin Rejuvenation Treatment - A Glowing Brilliance Only Diamonds Can Give…
The Diamond Tome Wand removes the topmost layer of skin by exfoliating the surface of the skin using natural diamond chips! A skin resurfacing treatment that smoothes and tightens, helps correct uneven skin tone, decreases the appearance of fine lines, helps diminish large pores, acne, and skin damage even while stimulating collagen re-growth. This treatment can be done on the face, hands, neck and even the whole body. The cost of treatment packages vary.

  • Packages of 5-10 sessions is recommended for optimal results.
  • 1 session - 45 minutes followed by a 15-minute hydrating facial.
  • Special Microdermabrasion / Derma-Wave series treatments are now offered.

Dermawave Ultrasound

We are happy to introduce the Dermawave! Ultrasonic skin therapy is a new approach to skin rejuvenation and to minimize the appearances of raised and depressed scars. This therapy reduces the impact of wrinkles and lines and addresses the remnants of acne scars and other surface imperfections of the skin, such as rosacea and pigmentation problems. This non-aggressive treatment offers seven different protocols to address all imperfections on your skin’s surface, maximizes circulation, stimulation and permanent collagen formation.
Compliments the Diamond Tome Microdermabrasion!
Dramatic Results are expected after a treatment series.


Consultations (Consultation fee applied towards services)
Individualized assessment of your concerns by our aestheticians to create a unique treatment plan on your specific skin needs.  (Approx. 30 minutes)

Acne Facial
A deep cleansing treatment designed to refine and balance troubled skin, removes dull surface skin, cells and normally improves yours skin’s overall texture. Includes extractions and steam. (Approx. 90 minutes)

Vitalize Peel
This peel, from SkinMedica brings the benefits of alpha-hydroxy and other peeling agents in a unique blend to provide a strong, but gentle treatment that is appropriate for all skin types. Helpful for individuals with facial blemishes, wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation. This restorative peel
improves and smooth the texture of the skin by removing the damaged outer layers. (Approx. 60 minutes)
Waxing Services - Facial areas: eyebrows, lips and chin.

Rejuvenating Peels
Lactic Acid – 40%
Glycolic Peel

Add-on Rejuvenating Masks

Lemongrass Purifying Mask
Detoxifying mask that is best for oily skin types.

Two Step Intense Hydra-Mask
This mask is great for all skin types. Works well on fine lines and naturally adds volume to the face. Excellent before a night out on the town.

Antioxidant Mask
This mask is rich in antioxidants to combat the damaging effects caused by free radical activity.

Eznyme Firming Mask
This mask accelerates the exfoliation of kerotonized cells and stimulates and supports the cell renewal process for vibrant skin health. 

DNA Cryo-Stem Cell Therapy

The DNA Health Institute has developed treatments and products that are 100% natural, chemical and preservative free. These stem-cell treatments yield dramatic results without skin tissue trauma, pain or recovery time.

Be sure to ask you aesthetic professional about the entire DNA Skin Care Line. Our Aestheticians will choose a treatment ampule that is suited for your skin type.

Medical Grade Skin Care Products

IS Clinical – By Innovative Skin Care
DNA Health Institute – CryStem Skin Therapy
Clarisonic Skin Care Brush
Ti-Silc Sunscreen, SPF 60

Pharmaceutical Grade Make-Up

We offer professional mineral make-up from GloMinerals and Jane Iredale.  Mineral Make-Up is rich in antioxidants and has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It  also has anit-inflammatory indgredients that help to improve the condition of all skin types including acne and rosacea prone skin. These products are cruelty free and not tested on animals. 

Lam Probe

Precise removal of minor skin irregularities. The Lam Probe is non-invasive radio frequency technology that has immediate results on a number of different skin irregularities. The Lam Probe is effective treatment of skin tags, cholesterol deposits, cysts, broken capillaries and a number of other skin irregularities.

Injectables - (Fillers and the "Liquid Fae-Lift")

Restylane is a safe and natural cosmetic dermal filler that restores volume and fullness to the skin to correct
moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds; such as nasal labile folds. No skin test is required, and the correction lasts up to 9-12 months (requires anesthesia cream). Lip enhancement requires a dental block, an additional charge.

Juvéderm™ is a smooth consistency gel made of hyaluronic acid—a naturally occurring substance in your skin that helps to add volume and hydration. Your healthcare professional eases Juvéderm™ injectable gel under the skin to provide a smooth, natural look and feel—so everyone will notice (but no one will know)! In fact, studies show superior results of Juvéderm™ compared to a collagen-based dermal filler.* And, almost 90% of all study volunteers who were treated with both Juvéderm™ injectable gel and another dermal filler* preferred Juvéderm™! In addition, Juvéderm™ injectable gel is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid dermal filler that is proven to be safe and effective for persons of color.

Perlane® restores volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, such as the lines from your nose to the corners of your mouth (nasolabial folds).  This product is now commonly used in the Voluma-lift procedure which is also known as “The liquid Facelift.”

Botox (Muscle Relaxant)
Botox corrects fine lines and wrinkles by relaxing the muscles. Botox is used on the face, around the eyes and on the forehead. Average female frown line treatment is 25-35 units, forehead 10-15 units. Crow’s feet - 18-30 units. A 10% discount applied to 2 or more treatment areas. The average unit on area needed is higher for men.

As seen on ABC’s 20/20 and Good Morning America, along with CBS’s 48 Hours and several other programs. This is a process which eliminates fat from any specific area of the body without surgery by melting away fatty tissue, love handles, and cellulite on thighs or stomach. Even stretch marks are gone with this amazing medical breakthrough. So how does it work? A series of painless injections using tiny painless needles delivers fat-dissolving medications just under the skin. The medication is formulated specifically for each individual patient, and targets the fat where it is injected. Pricing is dependent on number of injection sites. Usually requires 2-8 treatments in total. Dermawave is performed pre and post therapy for edema reduction.

Weight Management

Lose weight - safely & effectively with a medically supervised weight program

  • Initial visit, EKG, labs, vitamin injections and a thorough nutritional consult
  • Weekly visit - injections, medication,

Our three-step medical weight loss program will provide you with the knowledge to accomplish your weight loss goal quickly and safely. We like to call our weight program a "Couture Lifestyle Modification." We personalize each and every diet and taylor it to meet your individual dietary and life-style needs. NO MORE COOKIE-CUTTER DIETS!

The first stage is the acute weight loss phase, in which patients are put on a carbohydrate and calorie-restricted diet. Appetite suppressants, vitamins and minerals are given to enhance your metabolism. In some cases, hormone replacement may be needed to fix the underlying problem that caused your weight gain.

The second stage is a transitional phase, during which the amount of medication will be decreased and some carbohydrates are re-introduced. During stage 2, we really start to encourage exercise and athletic activity. 

The third and final stage is a maintenance phase, which will give you the support and guidance to remain at your ideal weight. Overall, we have a much hogher success rate than most of our competetors - our patients keep their weight off.

Our Weight Management Specialist, Nate Colleps, is experienced, having lost over 80 pounds himself. He employs a number of alternative, non-drug, therapeutic techniques such a EFT (Tapping) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

Optional meal planning and grocery shopping trips with Nate are available in all three stages. Any indicated changes will be made if necessary and all aspects of care are supervised by Dr. McClintock. 

Age Management

Initial visit includes extensive hormonal labs, EKG, body fat analysis and a nutritional consult
The focus of age management is the science of youthful aging, maintaining health and energy for as long as
possible. Comprehensive assessments of your medical history, blood analysis and other biological factors will be extensively reviewed. An individualized program is made to meet your needs and goals. This customized program will be a unique synergy of hormone modifications, optimal nutrition and exercise. Follow-up visits are required every two months, as well as labs on an as needed basis or per the physician recommendations.

Intracellular Vitamin & Nutrient Analysis

Available exclusively from Spectracell Laboratories, this patented Functional Intercellular Analsis measures levels of selected vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other essential micronutrients within your white blood cells. Upon receipt of the results, you will have a consultation with the physician and you will have the option of meeting with the nutritionist and planning a dietary supplementation plan.


Health Team 9

Our Medical Director, Dr. Linda McClintock has been a part of the Bay News Health Team 9 for over 8 years. Dr. McClintock is not only a physician, but is also an educator with a passion for public health. Check out our Bay News 9 section for more information on her news casts.

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Dr Linda McClintock M.D.
Dr Linda McClintock M.D.

Dr. Linda McClintock is currently the Medical Director and President of Age-Less Medicine. A new concept – focusing on quality of life medicine; where you can look and feel your very best.

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